1. Bullet No monthly rental fee

  2. Bullet No delivery or installation fee

  3. Bullet No minimum contract

5Bar Foosball will Give you

  1. Bullet Free Money. We give you 40% of the table revenue

  2. Bullet Free Maintenance

  3. Bullet Great Entertainment for all your customers

  4. Bullet Foosball generates customer loyalty and beer sales

£1 or 50p?

Not all pubs are the same. We give you the choice of whether you want the table to vend at £1 a game or 50p. It all depends on what you feel your clients will be comfortable with. 

We will empty the table every 8-12 weeks when we will also carry out general cleaning and maintenance. However in the unlikely event that your table has a problem that isn’t easily solved over the phone we will come out free of charge to fix it.

WHAT A FOOSBALL TABLE NEEDSWhat_a_Foosball_Table_Needs.html

Money Simple

There is no cost to you